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Past REAL Dog Protectors of the Week
A 10 year old girl, named Lily Retherford, has designed a NO ON 13 iron on patch, she's putting on bandanas for the greyhounds and shirts for people.... and is donating some to the auction.


Week Ending August 4,  2018
Lily Retherford
Week Ending August 11,  2018
Lily Retherford
Judge Gievers ruled AGAINST the FAKE Dog Protectors of Yes on 13 backed by the deep pockets of HSUS and Grey2k.  She ruled what many knew from the start, the CRC and the politicization was a SHAM.  This should come as no surprise as they tried the same chicanery in MA in 2006
A campaign to get the measure on the ballot in 2006 stalled when the state's highest court ruled that the wording of the proposal was invalid.

CONGRATS Judge Gievers

A long time Greyhound trainer, Kurt probably loves the dogs more than humans.  An ambassador for the sport, you can find Kurt giving interviews and sharing the REAL insights of Greyhound racing and how the dogs are treated.  He is currently a trainer in West Palm Beach and trains some of the top dogs in the nation.  When it comes to top dogs, Kurt is it with his care and compassion for his dogs.  A REAL Dog Protector.  He is also instrumental in identifying retired racers that go on to become service dogs to our Veterans and the disabled.  Thanks for all you do for the sport and the service dog  program, keep up the good work.


Week Ending August 11,  2018
Week Ending August 18,  2018
Kurt Trzeciak